If you can't measure it... you can't fix it!


Do you certify your associate's messaging skills?

SpeakPoint certification allows you to assess all of your associates whether new or experienced on whether they have mastered your message fundamental.



A sales case study obstacle course

Certification is made up a series of role-plays or case studies that create a virtual obstacle course or proving ground where your associates encounter multiple customer situations and are evaluated on their ability to handle the situations to your criteria.

The process

First line managers or trainers use SpeakPoint Certification to role-play multiple case studies with each associate either in person or on the phone. The manager uses an outline of the case study and plays the role of the customer. During the role-play or after reviewing the role-play recording the Manager or trainer uses a detailed message checklist custom created for each case study to evaluate where the associate delivered key messages and/or followed the prescribed selling strategy. The Manager or trainer also evaluates the associate’s soft skills using your criteria for example you might want to rate associates persuasiveness, active listening skills or ability to handle the unexpected.

Consistency throughout your organization

Inconsistent messaging does not only occur with associates in the field. Most large organizations struggle with inconsistent message training from both first line managers and trainers. The SpeakPoint certification process not only evaluates your associates, it also develops consistency of messaging for you trainers and managers. As they certify their associates they are constantly reminded of your organizations best practices. You can even certify your trainers and managers before you have them certify your associates.

Analytics that drive change

Certification results are stored in the cloud and can be reviewed at any time. Executives, managers and trainers can review roll-up details on the percent of associates certified by business unit or individual. You even have the ability with detailed analytics to examine what individual messages are being delivered and what messages seem to be forgotten.