Quantifiable Results

Ecolab, a fortune 500 sales and service company increased new account sales by 52% in a single district in just 90 days.

Allergan Dermatology used SpeakPoint before a product launch and achieved 170% of their launch goal in the first six weeks alone. 

A leading cable television company piloted SpeakPoint with customer service associates and improved their expanded service sales by 89%.

Training Director

"I was listening to a few new hires role playing key language and was amazed how well they articulated their presentation. I asked them how they learned the correct language so quickly and they told me it was from using SpeakPoint. After talking with their managing director I learned that he has his new hires practicing with SpeakPoint and he is able to track each member’s progress in mastering the language on a weekly basis and see marked improvement from week to week."

Managing Director

"With time constraints these days, we do not have enough time to dedicate to role play and language development. SpeakPoint has helped our new hires become proficient with their language faster than any other method. Reps master the language, increase their confidence and become competent much more quickly as they develop the ‘Art of Selling’ according to our organizations best practices."

Case Study Allergan Dermatology

Allergan Dermatology was preparing to launch a powerful new product.  Dermatologists were already familiar with some of the active ingredients but not aware of the power of the new compound.  There was a risk that the dermatologists might fail to recognize the value of the new compound based on existing perceptions of the ingredients. 

In order for the product to succeed it was essential that associates precisely detail relevant medical research and accurately highlight the value of the new product.  Three weeks prior to their national launch Allergan associates used SpeakPoint to practice their key messages.

Data was collected on the associates ability to accurately convey the key messages. 


Allergan Director of Training

"Reps were coming up to me at the start of the launch meeting saying they were looking forward to their credentialing role-plays..."

"Several of the credentialing doctors commented on the high level of rep product knowledge..."

"I heard my words coming out of 70 mouths, and that just doesn't happen."

"I keep hearing from managers who are impressed with how well prepared their reps are..."



Without SpeakPoint

Due to regulatory delays a key objection was not included in the role-plays. The chart below illustrates the status-quo (training without sufficient practice).  Each associate creates their own message based on what they remember or what they think is important.

With SpeakPoint

After practicing with SpeakPoint, each associate personalized their messages but still delivered 90% of the critical messages.